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Product rendering

Product rendering is the use of computer rendering programs to create CGI (computer-generated imagery). These images can be used for many reasons but mostly as marketing assets for advertising campaigns. Above all, product rendering is a cheaper alternative to photography. Images that would never have been possible with photography are now easily visualised. For instance, a product is created in 3D modelling software and then visualised by adding materials and lighting to create a photorealistic or non-photorealistic representation of the subject. During the early stages of the design process, amazing eye-catching imagery is created to tell the story. Which allows marketers to sell their product well before production. Furthermore, 3D models can be created from sketches, photos, drawings, specifications or other CAD formats.

What are the benefits of product rendering?

  • Create stunning product marketing assets that were previously impossible using photography

  • Enhance your visual communication through 3D Rendering!

  • Tweak colours and materials for tuning 3D visuals

  • Make your product design process easier through CGI

  • Create stunning marketing images with 3D visualization

  • Sell your product before it has been produced


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